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Slovak Mountaineering Union JAMES (in Slovak "Slovenský horolezecký spolok JAMES" or "SHS JAMES") was established on 14. 8. 1921. The founders were Mikuláš Mlynárčik, Gusto Nedobrý a Fero Lipták.

1. SHS JAMES brings together individuals interested in all kinds of mountaineering and alike activities regardless of their nationality group, race, religious or political beliefs.

2. Purpose of SHS JAMES is to pursue common interests of its members in their activities. Namely, it represents its members in negotiations with corresponding governmental or non-governmental agencies and organizations, it works together with international associations, it works on methodics, information dissemination, environmental issues, and it supports top level sports. SHS JAMES also actively deals with problems of natural conservation in areas of mountaineering activities.

3. Natural interest of our members is to pursue their mountaineering activities while bearing in mind the responsibility for their actions, to learn methodics and pay attention to safety, to adhere to sport and ethical code of a mountaineer and to conform to policies of conservation of nature.

4. SHS JAMES is fully focused on development of Slovak mountaineering, namely on:
a/ awareness of its members about means and opportunities to obtain necessary methodics to pursue safe mountaineering
b/ organization of education of methodics 
c/ monitoring and stimulations for improvement of high level mountaineering
d/ stimulation and support of the top level athletes in Slovakia in all (competitive and non-competitive) mountaineering sports.
e/ organization of sports competitions on the national level
f/ editorial, dissemination and publication activities
g/ composing and coordination of the calendar of events on the national level
h/ acting, via its representatives and on behalf of its members, in organizations that it is associated with as a member
i/ representation, on behalf of its members, in international organizations, at international events and on maintaining its own international connections
j/ organization of traditional sport and social events on the national level
k/ organization of education and sport for children and youth.

You can become a member of SHS JAMES via a mountaineering club that is registered with the union or you can become a direct member. To minimize the bureaucracy you can also get registered via email to office@james.sk or come in person to the union's office at Dom Športu, Junácka 6, 82105 Bratislava, tel: 00421249249211, office hours are Monday and Thursday 8:30-15:30.

Why become a member?

You will become a member of the family rich in traditions, common interests and common blood group, which comprises of up to 4000 people interested in mountaineering sports.

• At the same time you will become a member of the world-wide community, because we are founding member of the international mountaineering federation UIAA.

• As a member you have the right of performing your sport activities in mountaineering areas of Slovakia including protected ones in line with Slovak legislation with adherence to agreed restrictions and valid regulations of the respective national parks.

• The membership fee includes insurance, which covers costs of rescue actions of Mountain Rescue Service (HZS, in Slovak "Horská Záchranná Služba") in all mountain areas that are covered by HZS.

• You are entitled to at least 20% discounts in all mountain huts in High Tatras, that are co-owned by SHS JAMES (Chata na Zelenom plese, Téryho chata, Zbojnícka chata, Chata pod Rysmi), 50% discount in Zamkovského chata, discounts in some huts in Alps. As a member of the union you are also entitled to discounts in some outdoor shops.

• You have better access to methodical documents and data, information on climbing areas in Slovakia and in the world via our Information and Documentary Center JAMES, loads of useful information is also in our magazine Horolezec/Jamesák and on our web.

• You can make use of significant discounts and enroll for courses organized by our Mountaineering school JAMES. We have also interesting courses for your children. Just have a look into the web-pages of the school.

• You can compete in climbing, take part in interesting events organized by the union such as Tradičný horolezecký týždeň JAMES, Psotkov memoriál, Skialpsret, and much more. If you are interested in serious training and professional sport career, our expert commissions are ready to help you.

• As a member of the union you are able to actively influence its activities, attend general assemblies of the union, vote and be elected in its bodies.

So do not hesitate and become a member, become a "jamesak"!

translation Ľubor Fraštia

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